Tired. Frustrated. It’s been a rough year. The last 10 years of my life seems like it has been a rough year. I keep pushing through. The hurt, pain, frustration. Doors constantly closing in my face. People walking out my life and turning their back on me. Never good enough. Never perfect enough. Everyone trying to tell me how to live my life. What’s best for me and my family. What should I do? Crawl in a hole? Give up? Stop trying? That would be the easy way. I know that I am a fighter. A born fighter. I know my truth and own it. I refuse to be a statistic and be thrown into a category in this cold world. I will push through this.

I been thinking for years now about stepping out on faith creating my blog. I would get excited but analyze constantly in my head is this something I should do? Who would read this? Who would find me interesting or entertaining? Then I start thinking wait a minute. It doesn’t matter. Just write from your heart. Take your energy and frustration and put it into thoughts for your blog. You just might touch the life of someone else that is dealing with the same thing as you are.  That is when I decided to create my blog. I was having a mixture of feelings. Years of pain and frustration. Several doors closed in my face. Opportunities taken away. Life setbacks. Personal failures. Through the pain comes my passion and love for what I do. Being true to myself, my experiences, faith, and believing in me. Pushing through the pain with love knowing one day I will be in life where I want to be. Achieving my successes. Learning from those experiences and using that to further develop me into the person that I am today.

This life of mine hasn’t been easy. Life is hard. One thing for sure I won’t give up. I look forward to sharing with you my journey and hope the take away will inspire you to push through with your life and keep reaching your goals too.