Happy Mother’s Day

Today is such as special day for us– Mother’s Day! If you have children, raised a child, been a mentor or an influence in a child’s life, we celebrate you today! Motherhood is very hard and challenging at times. There is no manual you receive at the hospital after you give birth to your child. When you bring that bundle of joy home you just have to figure it all out. It can be stressful at times, especially if you are a single Mom and don’t have anyone there to help or support you, but when you see your child growing up right before your eyes and succeeding in life and overcoming their obstacles and challenges, it makes you feel great to know that your parenting and words of wisdom that you instilled in them is working. I have had quite a few challenges in my life. Becoming caretaker to both of my parents at a young age and raising my daughter and losing my father when my daughter was only three years old. After my Dad passed less than three years later my Mom passed and that left me to raise my daughter all on my own with no support. Yes it was hard and at times I was so sad and depressed because I felt so alone in this world. It took me years and counseling but I am slowly picking up the pieces and becoming a stronger and better woman and mother every single day. I always hold the motto in my head what don’t kill you will make you stronger. Yes that is a fact. So to all you Mom’s out there that is struggling or trying to find balance or peace in your heart and mind, don’t give up! Keep the faith! You are strong, beautiful, and loved!


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