What I’m loving this week

As we bring February to a close I must say this month went by fast. One reason because it only has 28 days and the other is because everyday I was extremely busy between meetings, conference calls, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my family. The one thing I must talk about is something that I found at Target- by the way, don’t you love Target drive pick-up? Yes please! It feels like I have a personal assistant that helps me with my errands! I love how I can go on the Target app, pick out my items and they send me a text when it is ready. Then I let them know I’m on the way, drive up, and the Target associate brings out my things and scans my phone to confirm I picked up the items. How neat is that? Ok, so when I got home I was getting my things out of the bags (they give you these cool bags with handles too) you can reuse them a few times. I got this new moisturizer for my face to try. It is Neutrogena hydro boost water gel hyaluronic acid moisturizer for extra dry skin. I love how this makes my face feel. It makes your face feel so soft and moisturized. It lasts all day. It makes the appearance of your face look real smooth and gives you a dewy look. You can get this for a real good price $16.99 at Target. You can download the Target app to look for this wonderful moisturizer too and save some money if you have a Target red card!

Disclaimer: These views are my opinion not a paid advertisement or endorsement!


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