Reflection 2018

What can I say about my year 2018? It was a year of transitioning, growth, and reflecting. I reflected back on the years in my 30s and having to become caretaker to both my parents and losing them 3 years apart, (bless my angels in Heaven) raising a child on my own, and overcoming issues mentally, emotionally, and physically. I lost a lot of loved ones that are now in heaven, and sadly let go of friends because our season had ended. I forgave my past exes and took those relationships as learning experiences to open my heart and eyes to new love because I deserve happiness and love and the only way you can let someone new in is to forgive the past. I transitioned because I moved, and started to work more on taking care of me and learning not take on more than I can handle and trying to please everybody. I am working on growth because I know I’m not where I want to be, there is still room in my life for improvement and I’m willing to make the changes and have the patience and perseverance to get there. I’m looking forward to 2019 and all the blessing and adventures the year has in store for me.


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