Snack Time My Favorite Time

One thing about me is I am such a foodie! I love a good snack. I also like a healthy snack.  As I have gotten older I have developed an allergy to peanuts. I loved eating peanut butter and Snickers as a little child growing up but now I can’t eat or be anywhere near peanuts.  So one day I was googling and looking at Pinterest and I came across these allergy free snack options. So I went to the website and ordered this wonderful snack from Enjoy Life Foods. There foods are allergy friendly, Non-GMO, gluten free, and made with all natural ingredients. I order this sample pack in the mail and look at all these goodies I received! They are so delicious. My daughter loved them too she took some in her backpack to school for a snack!

I love the soft baked mini chocolate chip cookies they are so delish! Especially with some milk! I looked on their website this morning and they have a special where you can try 10 snacks for just $15 and free shipping. Just enter the code TRYME when you check out. These snacks are so yummy and allergy free. You will be thanking me later lol! Happy Sunday! (Disclaimer: Not a paid endorsement these are solely my views and opinions).


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