One Door

Between the universe, planets orbiting, solar eclipses, things just seem so much out of order. When you trying so hard to push through that door and keep getting rejected it can become quite frustrating. For example, I have applied to almost 30 jobs in a 6 month period. I have taken the time to cater my resume to match the job description, putting in the key words. etc. still no luck. I have received over 15 no’s from all the jobs that I have applied for. That is like over 50%! I keep telling myself. Don’t worry about it don’t stress. Rejection is God’s protection. It wasn’t meant to be, all you need is one yes, etc. I am on LinkedIn and I took the advice from this amazing woman that always has good advice, Lauren McDonald. She is so awesome and always sharing her words of wisdom. When I apply for jobs and get frustrated, I can always log on to LinkedIn and see her advice to help jobseekers like me looking for work. I have gained so much valuable information regarding the job search from a human resource professional prospective. I love her #gogogo and “YOU GOT THIS” slogans! Very inspiring to me. I saw one of her posts one day about you should be tracking how many jobs you apply to in a spreadsheet. The light bulb went off in my head! I never though about tracking how many jobs I applied too in that way. I was just writing it on a post it note and my desk was like a colorful rainbow of post its! So I took her advice and started to track jobs I applied for. That’s when I noticed I had applied for over 30 jobs and received NO’s for over 50%. Wow! I know I hear stories of some people say they have applied to over 100 or 500 jobs. I’m thinking wow that’s a lot of jobs! Now I don’t know if they are qualified for each job they are applying for or just doing the job blast-o-rama thing but I took my time and applied to 30 jobs that I see a good fit that my skills, qualifications, and experience that would be a perfect match for. Unfortunately no luck yet. I’m not giving up. Through the pain I have found the love for what I want to do in my career, and I will continue to apply for what I know that I can do in my field. I will not give up and if you are looking for your next career opportunity you should not either!


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